Support for outdoor risky play

The risk taking at my placement

The children at my placement when they are outside in the playground they stand on the tables, go under it, stand on the sea saw, stand on the rocking char and put the rocking chair upside down and go over it and the teachers just watch the children do it.

Children Have a Natural Ability towards Outdoor Risky Play

The children are able to take risks without an adult telling them that they are not allowed to do something. Also preschool children engaging in outdoor free play indicate deliberate exposures to risk, such as playing at heights and high speeds.

Some examples of children taking risks

Keeping Children Safe Involves Letting Them Take and Manage Risks

Taking risks allowed them to display courage and physical skills to themselves and their peers.This allows for the children to become brave in future in what ever they are doing when they grow up and they will not be scared from anything