Sammy Davis, Jr.

The Entertainment Legend

Growing up

Growing up Sammy lived with his father because his parents divorced when he was 3. He lived on the road because his father was working as a entertainer in a dance troupe. Because he was on the road his life he did not have the usual schooling he only occasionally got tooters. He was a good singer and dancer when he was young.

Background information

Sammy was born on December 8th 1925 in New York city and died may 16 1990 at the age of 64. His career stopped when he was drafted into world war II. But when the war was over Sammy keep performing and doing what he loved. He had a hard time with racism.

What he accomplished

Known as the entertainment legend Sammy Davis Jr was a comedian singer dancer and actor. His first film that he was in was Rufus Jones for President in 1933. He was a part of the famous group called the Rat Pack with Frank Sinatra Dean Martin Peter Lawford Joey Bishop and Buddy Greco witch was a group of actors. He also over came racism
Mini Bio: Sammy Davis, Jr.