Allie Lyons

ABC's of Zumba

A- Agility
  • Your agility will improve greatly due to the constant and quick movement.

B- Balance

  • Balance is very important to have while doing Zumba. The dance moves change very quickly and you are moving around a lot with numerous people surrounding you. Without proper balance, you then have to potential of falling and not only hurting yourself, but causing an obstacle for those around you.


  • You will learn and better your body's coordination, especially with your hands, feet and eyes.


  • Power is not exactly needed for Zumba if you are just there to dance and have fun. If you are doing Zumba to lose weight, you will definitely need a lot of power.


  • This is highly favorable to succeed in perfecting the upbeat dance moves.

Reaction Time

  • Going hand-in-hand with speed, having the ability to pick up on the dance moves will be very beneficial and helpful to keep up with the fast pace of the dance when it is put together.
Becky's Zumba Class - 'Jai Ho!'

Health-related Fitness Components

If done correctly, Zumba can help you lose weight, strengthen and tone many muscles, as well as help your heart and lungs.


Like all other workouts or exercises, you need to have a healthy and well balanced diet. Having a healthy and balanced diet will better your energy and performance levels when doing Zumba.