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Communication for the week of September 28, 2015

Field Trip Coming Up on October 13, 2015

We have been learning about tame and wild animals in our class the last few weeks. To give the student's a chance to enhance their learning on this topic, we are taking a field trip to the Big Horn Canyon Visitor Center and Park. They will learn about the animals in this park from the ranger then go into the park to see the wild horses.

We are in need of Chaperones. To be a chaperone, you would need to ride the bus with us, stay with us the whole day, and be willing to support the teachers with supervision/behavior. Younger siblings would need to stay home with a sitter. Thanks for understanding.

Please contact Mrs. Morton if you would like to go on this field trip with us. THANKS.


Phonics Skill - Short e words and consonant blends (for example, bl, sw, st, cr).

When reading encourage your child to make the short e sound correctly. At times they make it sound like the short i which can cause them difficulties with reading.

When reading blends remind your child they can tap out both sounds.

Comprehension skill - We are continuing to work on characters, setting and plot of stories. We are starting to talk about the lesson or moral some stories teach us. This is a great time to read some of Aesop's tales or other fables to your kiddos. Here is a website where you can print of these fables to read to your child.


This weeks words are: men, ten, jet, bed, red, step, sled, leg, wet, net

Words to Read

The words this week are: saw, tree, small, your


Sums (answer in an addition math fact) of 10. 0+10=10, 1+9=10. 2+8=10, 3+7=10, 4+6=10, 5+5=10. Memorizing the sums of ten is very important. Knowing these math facts will help your child memorize other math facts and help when the students start 2 digit addition. We will be working on this skill for the next few days. Then we are going to start simple word problems.

Snack - Please send some this week. Thank you in advance.

THANK you to everyone who donated snack last week. Please keep the donation rolling in so we never fall short on snack. Your kiddos really do appreciate it and would be sad to have to go without a snack.

Donations - PLEASE, PLEASE.. the below items are needed.

To make our writing and creation workstation engaging I do ask for donations. I am looking for letter stickers, ink pads, scrap paper, foam stickers, pipe cleaners, plastic beads, TP rolls, post cards, thank you card, etc. Keep the donations rolling in throughout the school year. Thanks!
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