August 2017

Alumni Spotlight...Tiffany Riffo

Update: Tiffany will speak at Reach for the Stars on October 6 in Richmond, VA!

What schools did you attend?
I went to high school at Robert E. Lee in Staunton, Virginia and attended George Mason University. After changing my major six times, I received my Bachelor of Arts in English with a Concentration in Creative Writing. I am currently applying to Masters of Fine Arts programs in Creative Writing. What is the best thing GRASP has done for you? GRASP has done everything for me. There were summers that I spent hours writing tentative explanations to my university on why I was going to have to drop out, and every single time, GRASP offered me the scholarships needed to stay in school, pay for textbooks, and allowed me to focus on schoolwork instead of working full time.
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What is your favorite GRASP experience? My favorite GRASP experience was speaking at a fundraiser in my hometown the month after I received my first scholarship award, and GRASP has meant the world to me ever since. What are you currently doing? I currently work for my university with our Enrollment Central office. I help potential and current students find the best paths for themselves and solve their problems, should they arise. I am also currently applying to Masters of Fine Arts programs in Creative Writing, so that I can get my graduate degree! What advice would you give to students heading to college? Honestly, my best piece of advice would be to get to know your professors. Go to class every day, speak up, and ask questions. Talk to them after class ends and email them when you’re having concerns. Professors are more willing to work with students when they know their name and know they put in the effort to get a good grade. Don’t be complacent about your education because the only person who can change things for you is yourself.

GRASP College Success Scholarship Luncheon

GRASP held its first College Success scholarship luncheon on August 10 where recently selected scholarship recipients were recognized. The luncheon provided a great opportunity to get to know the College Success students and for the College Success students to get to know each other. Through donor support, GRASP was able to award 47 scholarships this summer totaling $118,250. These scholarships help ensure these College Success students reach their degree completion goals.
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Hero's Corner

Thank you to these outstanding foundations for helping to create a community of opportunity for all Virginians. We appreciate your investment in our program which will open the doors of education after high school to hundreds of students.

Each grant is to support GRASP's High School Advising program at one or more high schools.

The Brookfield Foundation -- a two-year grant of $60,000 for services in four Central Virginia Metro Area Schools including Henrico, Highland Springs, Virginia Randolph and Varina High Schools!

The Cameron Foundation -- a $10,000 grant for Petersburg High School services!

The John Randolph Foundation -- a $7,500 grant to support services at Hopewell High School!

River Counties Community Foundation -- a $3,000 grant to support services at Lancaster and Northumberland High Schools!

The Bama Works Fund -- a $5,000 grant to support services at Nelson County and Buckingham County High Schools!

GRASP Reach for the Stars Gala

Friday, Oct. 6th 2017 at 6-9pm

211 East Franklin Street

Richmond, VA

Mark your calendars for GRASP's annual gala which recognizes and celebrates the students GRASP has helped and where we thank those who have made and continue to make the GRASP mission possible. The evening includes a silent auction and food/beverages followed by an inspirational program which includes student speakers.

RSVP now by clicking here.

Listen to our recent participation in a podcast on College Access in Virginia.

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GRASP participating in Birdies for Charity

GRASP is a participating charity in the Birdies for Charity program that is part of the upcoming Dominion Energy Charity Classic golf tournament, October 19-22, 2017. The program allows registered charities to receive "set amount" donations or donations per "birdie" that are made by the PGA TOUR Champions players. Additionally, PGA TOUR will donate an additional 10% to participating charities on donations made through the Birdies for Charity program. You can make your donations/pledges here. Thanks for your support!

Help Make It Happen

GRASP’s goal is to ensure that every student has an equal opportunity for continuing education after high school, regardless of financial or social circumstances. There are several ways to support our cause. For a credit card donation, click here.