Amazing way to celebrate 2014! Congrats on all your success!

You came. You styled. You kicked some serious....

Can you believe it? I mean seriously....2014 was an amazing year of growth, style, celebrations promotions and more. And if you think it was ain't seen NOTHING yet. 2015 will be EPIC.

Write your story today. Dream Big. Work Hard. LIVE the life you want and LIVE the story YOU write. It is possible. You just have to believe and achieve.

When I reflect on 2014 I am so proud of so many things. I think about all the promotions and sales. All the "little" achievements - getting out of comfort zones, taking risks that resulted in big wins. All the laughter and smiles....we really know how to have fun. All the dreams that became a reality. All the excitement of Hoopla and all the excitement post Hoopla as you worked for your goals.

And then it happened....all the big promotions that happened this fall. RECORD BREAKING. And because of your hard work - we became a Star Director Team!

But What I'm Most Proud Of....

But what I'm most proud of is the caliber of your character. You are inspiring, thoughtful, positive, caring, empathetic, sincere, kind and JOYFUL. You live a beautiful life and it's not just the jewelry that makes you's your character that shines the brightest.

At Directors Conference OUR TEAM was featured in Mike Lohner's Keynote Address. He was so moved and inspired by our Christmas "Adopt A Family" he made it part of his keynote. The keynote was about how we are all Super Hero's .... how we change lives and do amazing things (he has a grandson who loves Spiderman....and he incorporated personal stories, characters, was so cute).

He used favorite quotes from movies to talk about Hero's....and when he got to this quote he was reminded of YOU - Team Ruby Reds...

"With great power comes great responsibility".

And boy did we live up to that!
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Together We Can Change The World

Mike talked about how we came together as a team to do something amazing for a family in need. Not only did we bring them gifts an food....we brought them JOY. Imagine how they felt on Christmas morning opening up gifts under a tree. Yes, we even bought them a Christmas tree. NONE of that would have been possible without YOU. And a special shout-out to Kim Valdivia, Ruby Red Star Stylist for all of her time and helping coordinate the project.

It was the coming together - what we could do TOGETHER - that made this so powerful.

It make US - Team Ruby Reds Super Heros.
Red Shoes.
Red Cape.
And a GIANT Red Heart of LOVE & JOY.

We adopted Antionette and her family. I'm sure you remember their story...

"Antoinette is a 23 year old young lady who has been working hard at doing all the right things. She wanted to break the cycle that she grew up in….not getting pregnant and rising above the struggle of poverty. Antoinette has worked hard at school and keeping up at her job.

However, when her mom died of cancer a few years ago she was left to be guardian of her teenage siblings when she was just 20 years old. Her siblings are Lamar, 18 (was 15) who lives out of the home; Libby,16(was 13) and Destiny ,15 (who was 12) Shortly after she took guardianship of her siblings her niece was put into the Children's Division custody due to neglect by her mother. Her niece Summer (age 10) was placed with her in foster care and Antoinette is pursing adoption for her niece as well.

Antoinette is working hard to complete her homestudy so she can become a licensed home and legally adopt all of them. Most of the free Holiday programs don't provide gifts for teens, only young kids so she is limited on assistance.

"She is an amazing woman, hard worker, resourceful and able to take on much more than I could ever imagine"- from her social worker"

You Changed Lives

The trickle down of Stella & Dot is amazing. You sign up to do something for you...and by that you...

Give style to 100's of women
Give free jewelry to hostesses
Connect women on a fun night out
Sponsor a stylist and now she's changed her life
That trickles down to her kids
Her husband
Her JOY.
And she does the same....and it just keeps repeating.

And before you know have touched THOUSANDS of lives. And it happens fast.

Thank YOU for being part of my tribe. You make me so happy and bring me so much joy and together....we pretty must rock the world.

Happy 2014 and HELLO 2015....let's blow it up.


T-Minus 4 Months And We Will Be Here:

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Jennifer Bitar

Brandi Browning

Angela Clifton

Heather Jencks

Jennifer Salmans

Jessie Schneider

Anne Walton

Meredith Young

Glam Level 2

Adrienne Ayala
Leah Hermesch
Christina Kamberis
Tiffany Kuchera

Hilary Nauholz

Leslie Staver

Jean Sweet

Kim Valdivia

Sara Young

Glam Level 1


Jennifer Albrecht

Christie Anderson
Morgan Bell

Amber Blomme

Laura Burke

Billie Conger

Kara Cowie

Brooke Crosby

Kate Elliott

Kristen Fine

Amber Fisher

Amy Gertz

Ashley Jones
Kathryn Kenagy

Elizabeth Krull

Tiffany Kuchera

Emily Kuhman

Shannon Lawson

Dana Lonergan
Magdalena Lopez

Monica Nuss

Jeanne Polhemus

Jody Price

Amy Putnam

Jennifer Reiss

Mellisa Scholl

Jeanette Scott

Amy Shroyer

Leslie Staver

Susan Steenbergen

Mandy Stephenson

Angela Suddath

Elizabeth Tridle

Laura Tuohy

Monica Vegge

Catherine Wombolt

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Brigid Reisch $7262

Christina Kamberis $5961

Jennifer Bitar $5757

Kristy Pauly $5685

Anne Walton $5104

Tara Renze $5088

Jeanette Scott $4058

Angela Clifton $3980

Leslie Staver $3816

Brandi Browning $3522

Kate Elliott $3248

Amy Shroyer $3091

Jennifer Salmans $3040

Meredith Young $3038

Dana Lonergan $2817

Monica Ediger $2799

Morgan Bell $2741

Christina Windhorst $2711

Denise Guttery $2693

Laura Burke $2666

Jennifer Albrecht $2655

Renee Price $2651

Leah Hermesch $2603

Kristen Fine $2593

Heather Jencks $2560

Kathryn Kenagy $2489

Ashley Jones $2487

Amy Putnam $2441

Tiffany Kuchera $2433

Carey Wettstein $2426

Sarah Purviance $2420

Christie Anderson $2392

Areta May $2374

Anne Loden $2370