Chequamegon High School

January Newsletter


FBLA has started their competition season! Student submitted materials and tested in some events starting in early January. The remaining members will be competing this Saturday, Feb 1st at Unity High School. This week, students are busy doing some last minute practicing of speeches, refining projects and studying for tests.
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AP Literature

This year's AP Literature classes have been working hard on researching various aspects of life during Shakespeare's time. Students presented their research to family and friends at "An Evening with Shakespeare" on January 9 in the high school LMC. Along with the presentations, students offered a fencing lesson, a renaissance-era song played on a recorder, and a reading of a scene from The Tragedy of Macbeth. Well done AP kids!
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Intro to Tech and Design

Freshmen students have been taking Intro to Technology and Design which is a year long class that is a prerequisite for higher level Tech Ed classes. Students have been constructing cutting-boards, signs, night lights, metal keeper boxes, and soon will be rapid prototyping with 3D printers. The cutting board project is used as a safety project that allows students to learn how to square a board, safely operate power tools and personalize it using the laser engraver. The sign project is a project used to incorporate feed, speeds, and rates using the CNC Router. The night light project allows students to design and reuse their skills to construct a night light while learning the basics of electricity, simple circuitry, and soldering. The metal keeper box allows students to reuse their CAD skills to build a keeper box that challenges their spatial reasoning (picturing and creating a simple item that cannot be held or seen on paper) while learning to use the CNC plasma cutter and tap and die. Students will then finish out the year creating a small toy that will need multiple 3D printed parts for a full assembly. We are now half way through the class and have gained 4 labtech students (2 freshmen, 1 sophomore, and 1 senior) from the class. These students have shown professionalism and are now working on a very large project for Price County’s Quadfest. A huge thanks and appreciation to Sierra Barnes, Joseph Goodman, Daisha Dearhammer, and Audrina Morris!!!

ACP Parent Communication

Academic and Career Planning has two big focuses these few months: Kindness and Self-Motivation. With the holiday spirit, we were focused on how can we give back to those around us. Classes wrote holiday cards to students in Japan, collected items for Catkins, and wrote thank yous to our service members. Our 2nd full ACT Prep Exam will be on Tuesday, January 28th. The Seniors will be completing their 2nd Senior Workshop during that time which will include Mock Interviews, Adult Legal Responsibilities, and Independent Living.

9th- Focus is on understanding how to prepare for finals and managing stress.

10th- Focus is on ACT Prep and organization for future plans and job shadows.

11th- ACT Prep and establishing locations for individual job shadows.

12th- Focus is on job interview skills and time to complete scholarship applications.