Team Joyful


3 Big Booking Seeds

1. The introduction of your party will have one booking seed.

Try one of these after you share the mission of our company:

• “Sally was so excited to celebrate her friendships tonight. If you would like to have a night to celebrate your friends, please let me know at the end of the party.”

• “How many of you like to have FUN? How many of you have friends that you never get around to calling for that girls’ night out? Well, you may want to host your own Thirty-One party so that you can have an evening with all of those wonderful friends who might just need a pick-me-up and an excuse to spend an evening out of the house!”

2. You will want to pick a very popular product as your “Booking Product” to share the second big booking seed. Try something like this:

• “This is one of our most popular purses. So many of our Hostesses earn this product for free and then get a coordinating item as a half-price item. Most of our Hostesses earn $100 or more in free products and discounts.”

3. Your last big booking seed is when you are almost finished with your presentation.
• “If you have more on your wish list than your budget allows, you need to have your own Thirty-One

party! We love to reward our Hostesses with exclusive Hostess Exclusive products, half-price items

and free products. Please mark your prize drawing slip if I can tell you more about our Hostess plan.” • “We are going to have a prize drawing tonight, and I would like for you to write your favorite product

at the top of the prize slip and then mark if you would like to buy it or get it free! If you would like to get it free then please mark that you are interested in hosting your own party!”

Wedding Season is almost here!

Sell the special.....

During your parties, share the Everyday Solutions fliers and in-party videos that show ultimate solutions, and how guests can

get it all!

Thirty-One Everyday Solutions: Ultimate Pantry

Don't Forget the team Incentives!

The team member with the most qualifying parties (different hostesses) will win. AND I am adding a challenge for the Spring catalog season - for each new team member who qualifies in their first 30 days, the sponsoring consultant will get a $25.00 Gift card to Target.