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Supporting & advocating for all learners ~ 9.9.13

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Our classroom walls & organizational systems send a message to our students. What are classrooms at WMS saying? Check out some of the photos below:
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Where Am I? Chart

How do you track and monitor Enrichment time? This teacher has a clothespin for each homeroom student and has them move their clip when the leave or enter the classroom.

This visual serves multiple purposes:

  • Reminder of where students are
  • Expectation of how Enrichment time is used
  • Accountability for time out of class



  • B Day
  • Reading specialists will pull their students for class
  • Faculty Mtgn - Hamlet
- Exchange City
- Walk Through Data
- Odds & Ends


  • A Day: Advisory
  • CPT


  • B Day
  • TDT


  • A Day: Advisory
  • Student Expectation Assemblies (Teams will be called down)
  • CPT


  • B Day
  • Student Expectation Assemblies (Teams will be called down)



We appreciate all of the feedback we've received on the TDT/CPT template. The template has been tweaked to incorporate a sign-in sheet (this can also be done on lined paper).

Here is the UPDATED protocol:

  • Teams/departments have the choice to either type or handwrite notes on the template
  • All TDT/CPT forms AND sign-in sheets must be submitted via HARDCOPY to Steve's mailbox by FRIDAY 2PM.
  • Steve will be keeping a binder with all team and department forms.

Bus Lists:

Bus lists are anticipated to be distributed this week.


Reading will begin this week! Thank you for remaining flexible with the delayed start. A lot of hard work, organization, and thought has gone into the process and we truly appreciate everyone's patience.



There are so many great ideas being implemented in classrooms - many teachers shared the website Pinterest as their inspiration. If you haven't checked out this site, it's worth a look! HERE's Liz's Pinterest page as an example.

Brain Compatible Teaching: One Key Point :

Brain Compatible Teaching Three Key Points


There were several music submissions this week. Here's one to get your Monday started:

Hall Of Fame - The Script feat. will.i.am (Lyrics)
Have a great week,

Chris, Liz, & Steve