Jor-Mar Manor

With Kindness and Friendship

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At Jor-Mar Manor there is rich soil to grow crops. We have plenty of tools to share. Each of our villagers has 20 acres for personal use. Our irrigation system is the best around. There is plenty of livestock and hunting for all. Friends join in the work and fun at Jor-Mar Manor. All of our serfs earn their freedom in 1 year.


  • rich soil
  • blacksmith who makes many tools
  • everyone has 20 acres to farm
  • river for irrigation

Animals and Hunting

  • cattle
  • sheep
  • oxen

Our Acre Woods are filled with:

  • rabbits
  • ducks
  • geese
  • deer

Safe and Organized Fiefdom

Datura Medieval Music

Datura Medieval Music

Festivals Fairs FUN!

At our festivals and fairs we have entertainment! Music and singing fill the air. The delicious smells will have you eating all of the wonderful food available, like our deep fried "chewet" meat pies. Vendors from around the kingdom come to sell their leather goods and crafts.