.cotton comes from the united states , china ,india and egypt

.cotton has many advantages its extremely versaltile and doesn't cling .

.the disadvantages of cotton is that it wrinkles unless treated , and it shrinks in hot water


  • Flax/Linen comes from Russia, Poland, Belgium, France, and the Netherlands.
  • Advantages- Stronger than Cotton, Comfortable, Absorbs moisture, Durable; Lint-free; Dries faster than Cotton.
  • Disadvantages- Not resilient: wrinkles easily; shrinks unless treated,will mildew; hard-to-remove creases.


  • Wool comes from Australia, New Zeland, South Africa, United States (for apparel); Russia, China, Argentina, Turkey (for carpets)
  • Wools advantages are that it's Very versatile; provides warmth; durable; resists wrinkling; absorbs moisture; resists abrasion; naturally flam resistant
  • Wools disadvantages- Damaged by moths and other insects; Shrinks; absorbs odor

  • Nylon comes from a manufacture.
  • Advantages- very strong, resilient; dries quickly
  • Disadvantages- may yellow or grey; heat sensitive; low moisture absorbency
  • Uses- swimsuits, blouses, jackets. carpets, tents, car tires

  • Polyester comes from a manufacture.
  • Advantages- excellent wrinkle resistance; strong blends well with other fibers
  • Disadvantages- absorbs oily stains; low absorbency of moisture.
  • Uses-100% or bends for shirts, pants, suits. sheets, table-cloths, fiberfill in parkas and comforters.

  • Spandex comes from a manufacture.
  • Advantages- excellent elasticity and recovery; stronger and more durable than rubber
  • Disadvantages- damaged by chlorine bleach; damaged by heat.
  • Uses- elastics, underwear, swim-wear, active sportswear