Alexander Hamilton

Why he SHOULDN'T be President!

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Who elects a president who wears lipstick?

And really, what's up with the hair?

Not to mention he was a federalist.....

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He thought the government should consist of rich and educated alone rather than a mixture of rich and poor.

  • this would prove it difficult for the poor class to be informative of their needs
  • basic rights could potentially be taken from the middle/ poor class
  • not only did he not understand the poor class, he didn't want them representing themselves
Alexander Hamilton - Mini Biography

Hamilton believed in absolute veto

Three years after america defeated the British, Hamilton stated his belief that senators and elected officials should hold office for life, AND the president should have absolute veto. So basically, he was proposing to elect another king!
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He was a CHEATER!!!

Hamilton & Mrs. Maria Reynolds, wife of an acquaintance, led on a three year affair. After Mr. Reynolds found out, Hamilton had to pay him to keep his secret, which eventually got out to the press