The second biggest religion in the world

Islam is the second biggest religion in the world next to christianity.


The picture above is mecca where the followers of Islam go to worship. In this religion if you are physically and financially able you have to visit mecca at least once.

These three people above are important in Islamic religion.

Muhammad is important because he founded the religion.

Abraham is important because he was a famous prophet in this religion.

Ishmael is important because he was Abraham's son.

Where did it start?

There is no actual records of where Islam started so most Muslims (Islamic followers) believe it originated at mecca.
Islam started in 610 C.E.


Islam has 1.62 billion followers or 23% of the world

Importance today

In the middle east there is still fighting over religion. What they're fighting over is who's religion is better. Also there is conflict over a sacred place in there religion it's not the most sacred but it is one of the most sacred.