Raccoon Review

A Weekly Communication Tool for Rice Elementary Staff

Campus Goals

  1. Ensuring ALL students are in attendance.
  2. Cultivating a climate that welcomes students and parents.
  3. Creating opportunities for students to use and increase critical thinking and decision-making skills.
  4. Moving from Parent Involvement to Parent Engagement.

Staff Shout Outs

1st and 2nd Grade ELA and Math PLC have been rockin' the Instructional Rounds!!! It is such a great resource we have to learn for each other!!!

Mrs. Orr has loved reading in Sznajder, Hooper, Shernako, and Heard's classrooms. She is available for guidance lessons in any classroom!!!

Week at a Glance: September 3rd-7th


Labor Day Holiday

Tuesday-White Day

3rd/4th ELA PLC

7:00-Content Leader Meeting

Bring Desserts for Vogel

10:30-Dr. Phillips Campus Visit

Allison on Campus for Student Services Support

Wednesday-Black Day

3rd/4th Math PLC

Kona Ice During Lunches

3:30-Rice Way Team Meeting

Amber on Campus for Cohort Support

Thursday-Red Day

1st/2nd Math PLC

Fall Pictures in the Library

Friday-White Day

1st/2nd ELA PLC

Birthday Book Club

CHS Camo Spirit Day

Poster Method

Angela at Training all day

2:30-3rd and 4th grade Clubs begin

Notes from Malinda

Desserts for Vogel

If you want to make a dessert for Vogel Staff, please deliver it to my office Tuesday morning. We want to get it to Vogel by lunch time. Thank you for your thoughtfulness.

Grade Level Auction Idea for Open House

Begin thinking about what your team will put in the auction for Open House.

Student Support Services

We are blessed to have Allison Lehrmann on Tuesdays as our student support services coach. She can assist with classroom management strategies (CHAMPS/MAC), student behavioral support (PBIS), differentiating curriculum for special education students, and much more. Please reach out to her to come assist you in your classroom.

RtI Behavior steps

When you have a student who needs more behavioral supports please ensure you have incorporated the following steps:

  1. Level 1-3 Behavior procedures have been implemented
  2. Planned Conversations have been documented and revisited
  3. Parent Conference
  4. Collaborated with Allison Lehrmann for strategy suggestions (She is here all day on Tuesday)
Then you would contact Mrs. Sciba for a Tier 2 behavior meeting.

Picture Day

We have a new Photography company for pictures. Please set a timer for yourself so you will be on time to your scheduled picture time. Schedule will be coming soon.


Clubs will start the week of 9/4 at 2:30. Students will need to be packed to go and bring their backpacks to their club. Please make sure students dismiss on time and in an orderly fashion. They should not run down the hallways. It is important they go straight to their bus, car or walker line.

Big picture

Staff Birthdays