Holiday in Pompeii

What its like

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In Pompeii, Italy there are many ruins from a huge explosion from mount Vesuvius. where Vesuvius is:,+80044+Ottaviano,+Metropolitan+City+of+Naples,+Italy/@40.8340435,14.3931982,12z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x133ba508f1413feb:0x9cbfa7aa9376793d you can visit the mount

It didn't just erupt it was a phyrochlasic flow it on the 24th of August AD 79 it was an unexpected ,even though a man who was thought to be mad was saying there was something going on with it.


Anyone caught up in a phyrochlasic flow the first breath blacks out your lungs and you'll be engulfed in flames and reduced down to charcoal and cannot be saved.