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The only contributor in "Cool School with a Rat" is Georgia


This is the list of birthdays for May.

Sophia P.=10

Diviany = 21

Emily = 22

Alex = 22

Moises = 30

Language Arts

In Language Arts, we are learning about contractions. We even made contraction flowers where the flower is the contraction and the stem is what it is made of. A contraction is a word that is made of two other words.


In Reading, we are learning about inferences. We get a packet and there are posters around there are posters around the room and we rotate and write what we think will happen next.


In Math we are decomposing arrays. Which is a way of breaking a number up and then getting the answers.


In Science we are working on natural hazards. Which are hazards we cant stop. Like supercells, and we are focusing on lightning, floods, and wildfires.

Social Studies

We are working on the fifty states and our whole grade got a state and a poster and we write facts about our states on our posters.


In Powermath we are working on a packet about money and a subtraction packet.