Reading Recovery

By: Shelby Janowski

What is it?

Developed in New Zealand 30 years ago

Is now used in most of the United States, Canada, the

UK, and Australia

Basic Information:

The Goal:

  • Decrease the number of first-grade students who have extreme difficulty learning to read and write
  • Reduce the cost that educational systems are having to pay because of these students

Positive Outcomes:

  • Approximately 75% of students who complete the full 12- to 20-week intervention can meet grade-level expectations in reading and writing, since Reading Recovery began in 1984.
  • Most Reading Recovery students do well on standardized tests and maintain their gains in later years
  • The small number of students who are still struggling after completing the full intervention, are recommended for further evaluation
  • May be recommended for additional support:
  1. Classroom support
  2. Title I
  3. Language Disorder referral