A Very Important Day

By:Landon Lozano

Interview with Pedro

Question: What was it like during the trip to the court house?

Pedro: It was tedious on the trip because we had to stop at places to get food and get gas.

Question: Were you nerves when you were becoming a American citizen?

Pedro: Yes, because I did not know what it was like in America because I just came to America to be a American citizen.

Question: Was your family nerves becoming American citizens to?

Pedro: Yes, because my family also never been in the English part of America so they didn't know any people including myself and we did not know that much English language.

Question: When you were at Mexico did you have any friends in Mexico?

Pedro: Yes I did and I did not have that much friends and I only had about 3 or 4 friends in Mexico and we had fun together playing?

Question: After you became a American citizen were you nervous at all?

Pedro: Yes because I to follow the rules that is in the English part of America and I had to make new different friends and had to get a new house and we don't have that much money in our savings so I am still nervous right now doing the interview.

Newspaper articale

When Pedro was going on his trip to America he was nervous and it was a tedious trip for Pedro and his family. When Pedro entered the court house he was very nervous that he was nervous that if he was not going to be a American citizen. When Pedro was becoming a American citizen or not it was very tedious and he was very nervous still if he was becoming a American citizen. When he was saying the oath and when he was saying the pledge of alligance he was becoming a American citizen he was still nervous, because he was becoming a American citizen and in America it has different things like stores and toys from Mexico.