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My Utopian Society

1) The school system will focus on learning and not memorization.

2) Differences (in religion, color, etc.) will be respected, not laughed at.

3) Everyone will be excepted in society.

4) Instead of fighting over the earth, we would fight to save the earth and its resources.

5) If you cannot afford a house, food, etc. it will be provided.

6) Everyone should be honest with each other.

7) Kids will not be consumed of worry and stress.

8) The idea of a "perfect body" will not exist but a lot of unhealthy foods will go.

9) Kids will be required to go and play (not on their technology) every other day.

10) People have the ability to express themselves.

Casting Actors and Actresses for the Movie

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Create a comic strip of 5 panels detailing an important event

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Blog Post- Ideals of Freedom

There are 4 theories of how government started: force theory, evolutionary theory, divine right theory, and social contract theory. Each theory is just a different way of saying how that type of government got into power and the rights they have. The US is based off of the social contract theory stating that the people of the country voluntary give up some of their freedoms in order to keep peace and order. Even still, I think that even though this theory might be the giving up of some rights in a voluntary manner, I think that we are blinded to think that we are voluntary giving it up. We might have a “freedom of religion” but are we really that free? Jews, christians, muslims, buddhists, are getting limited more and more everyday. We might have a “Freedom of speech” but is it actually followed? People out there who think that the government should do something else out of this country are constantly put down. We aren’t allowed to “pursuit happiness” when the school system has every single student stressed out of their mind. How is the government following “victim is innocent until proven guilty” when thousands of innocent people go to jail each year? Our government says they want to protect us by taking away freedom, but how safe are we? Maybe our government is just playing us behind our back. Not just the US and North America, but South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, Antartica… the whole world. We are the board game and the government is the player. Our society is no different than the dystopian ones in the books! We may not know it yet, we may be oblivious to what’s right in front of us, but we are living our own “the giver”. We are living our own “divergent”. We are living our own dystopia.

Write a New Ending for a Chapter

Suddenly he began writing in sheer panic, only imperfectly aware of what he was setting down. His small but childish handwriting straggled up and down the page, shedding first capital letters and finally even its full stops. He couldn’t believe it. He had finally opposed the Party. After being miserable for years, Winston finally stood up for what he though was right… as long as he doesn’t get caught for it. He had purchased the book with money he had saved fir months and snuck it past the telescreens. Closing his book, he heard a knock on the door. As the knock started to become louder and louder, Winston could only worry. The sound was very harsh and scared him to death. Slowly, Winston hid his book and tottered up to the door. He put his shaking hand on the knob of the door and carefully turned it. The first thing he saw were angry green eyes, full of disappointment and rage. That could only mean one this. The thought police. They had caught him.

Winston was overcome with a incredible feeling of dread. He couldn’t be sent to the ministry of love. Who ratted him out? Syme? Parsons? O’Brien? Without even noticing, Winston ran to the only place he felt was logical. The window. They couldn’t catch him. They wouldn’t catch him. The only thing between him and freedom was a few hundred feet of air. It would all be over. Winston rapidly hit the floor. The thought police had hit him with his empty bottle of gin. Winston grabbed a glass shard and used it to stab the policeman. The green in his eyes seemed to gray as he fell to the floor. Winston was elated; he can escape! Running to the door, the threw it open and went into the unknown beyond.