Touching Spirit Bear

By Ben Mikaelsen and Paper By Jakob Paulsen

Characterization of the main characters

Garvey is Coles parole officer and gave cole a chance to go on the island. Garvey is very optimistic and likes helping people like Cole. Garvey was once like Cole and did something that caused him to be sent to the island like Cole. Edwin, is part of The Circle Justice and is very well known in it. Edwin helps Cole overcome his anger and his old way of life. He teaches him what he needs to do on the island to heal. Peter, was the kid who Cole beat up and nearly killed. Peter after the attack now has partial brain damage, causing him to stutter and also struggle with memory loss. Peter suffers from depression and later in the book tries to commit suicide. He is then taken to the island where Cole is, so he can then help Peter heal. Cole is the main protagonist in this story and is a very dynamic character. Cole is the person who attacked Peter and was almost sent to jail. In the beginning of the book Cole is very full of himself, hateful, and believes everyone should fear him. When Cole arrives at the island he burns the shelter and tries to escape. Cole is unable to escape due to the immense current which weakens and tires him. A few days later Cole is mauled by a spirit bear. While bleeding out he learns life lessons and starts to change his outlook on life. He is then saved by Edwin. He is then given one more chance to live on the island for a year. Edwin while on the island teaches him to cope with his anger and furthers his positive outlook on life.

Symbolism, Thematic Quote and"I Am Poem"

There are large amounts of symbolism in Touching Spirit Bear, a few examples are storms, in the book this shows Cole that he has no control over nature and that he is not invincible.

Baby birds in the book show Cole the love, life, and family he is missing plus it also teaches Cole humility. Spirit Bear in the book teaches Cole trust, and forgiveness. Fire, in the book represent anger, hate and old way of life.

The thematic quote about healing develops throughout the story. First Cole is physically hurt by Spirit Bear. Second, Cole is healing at an emotional level from when his dad would beat him but learned to forgive him which showed that Cole healed.

I Am Cindy Mathews

I am caring but quite

I wonder if Cole will ever be the same

I hear screams coming from Cole

I see Cole being abused

I want us to be one big happy family

I am Cindy Mathews


I pretend not to care

I feel sad about are family

I touch Cole but he pushes me away

I worry that it is too late for Cole

I cry about the way my husband is


I say that Cole will get better

I dream about Cole and I moving away

I try to stay postive

I hope Cole will get better

I am Cindy Mathews