By: Zack Forgrave

What is Biotechnology

The manipulation (as by changing genetic material) of living things to produce useful products (as crops resistant to disease). DNA plays a major role in biotechnology. DNA tells us the genetic material in cells that contains information for a cell's growth and function. When having DNA from a person, we are allowed to make "DNA tests to determine paternity, to calculate the probability of developing a genetic disorder" ("Shmoop Editorial Team"). Also cloning humans is another source of biotechnology where you have to get a skin cell from a human, which contains all the DNA from that human to begin the process.

Health Care With The Use of Biotechnology

Healthcare biotechnology makes the safeness and effectiveness of medicines to a patient more powerful. It also makes the medicine more accurate, and adapts to that persons needs. Biotechnology healthcare has been helping out more than 350 million patients around the world. Healthcare biotechnology has already mad 20 % of all medicines out there in the world today.

Biotechnology Medicine

Now a days with modern biotechnology, we are able to predict whether a child is going to have a disability, or predict a disease, and new technology and tests for implants. Also for treatments with modern biotechnology we are able to clone humans by using body cells, also we can create a drug for a person that is ill that can target the exact location in the body that is causing the illness. Biotechnology is also used to find genetic diseases.
Workers in the field of medicine tend to help people out with their injuries. Whether it has to do with their heart, or foot, or arm, or anything that has to do with the body. Like a sports doctor, help out any kind of athlete with an injury or maybe the athlete might just want better results from their exercises. Another example could be a family doctor that you go to for checkups or when you are feeling sick. So, in the field of medicine, the job you have is helping out people with injuries or helping them out with exercising.
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In the U.S. North Carolina is ranked fourth out of 50 states in biotechnology.


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