Kinder Corner

What's New with Miller Kindergarten! Week 11

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Kindergarten Thanksgiving Feast

Our Feast is coming up next Friday! We are so excited and will be sharing our feast snack with our 5th Grade Buddies in the morning. SInce our snack time will be in the morning rather than the afternoon on this day, we will be eating lunch with 5th grade at a later time. Since we are combining grade levels, we will only be able to accommodate the students and teachers in both the grade level area and the cafeteria. We ask that we have no visitors on Friday, November 20th, please.

If you have not already done so, please send one sandwich-sized bag labeled with your child's name and full of any of the following by Thursday, November 18th:

· Any nut-free cereal

· Raisins

· Plain M&M’s

· Chocolate chips

· Butterscotch chips

· Popped popcorn

· Pretzels

· Goldfish

Homework over Thanksgiving Break!

Having a whole week off is a great opportunity to practice tying shoes and zipping/buttoning coats! We want to make sure that Kindergarten gets their full playtime at recess, and that they are not waiting on teachers to help get them ready. Thank you so much for your support!
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We wish you a restful, fun time with your family this Thanksgiving. See you back on Monday, November 30th.