monkeys paw

by alec towner

monkeys paw characters

There are not that many characters in monkeys paw but here are there chatagoreis . The protagonist is the main character which would be the grandma grandpa and hubert. The antagonist would be working against the protagonist so it would be the monkeys paw. Then secondary character the one who just help the story would be sergent major and guy with will and says hubert is dead . I thing they should have had more characters and made the story longer.

the mood ,conflict setting and resoulution

The setting is where it takes place and the mood is the tone of people talking or how the background looks.While the conflict is the issue in the storyu and resoulution is how they solve it.The setting would be the house because that is the only location introdused .I think they should have introduced more setting then just the house .Then the mood was mostly fear and sorrow because they feared the monkeys paw and were sad that is killed hubert.Then the cental conflict would be monkeys paw ruining there live they resolve it by making the last wish.

Authors pupose and theme.

The authors purpose is the reason he wrote the story while theme is morale of story.Authors purpose was to entertain people and theme was be careful what you wish for.

summary .

A sergent major gives a family a magic monkeys paw that is supposed to grant 3 wishes .So they wish for 200 pounds (money) but nothing happens.The next day hubert goes to work.But later that day a man comes to there house and tells them hubert has died . and he gives them the will that say they have 200 pounds. Heart broken the grandma makes the grandpa wish for there sun to be back alive.But when the knocking at the door happens the granpa scared run to the paw the grandma unlocks the doo just as the grandpa wishes that who ever is gone.