Specials Update

Music with Mrs. Peirce

Hello wonderful Woodland family!

I was so excited and proud to finally have a Spring Concert here at Woodland School. The kids did such a wonderful job singing and I am so very proud of all of them.

In pre-school music, we spent much of our first few weeks preparing for the concert itself. We have also been learning to use our singing voices and we had the opportunity to play some classroom instruments.

Kindergarten students have been listening to The Carnival of the Animals by Camille Saint-Saëns and describing what they hear. All classes have finished their Listening Books and have learned about patterns in music.

First Graders have been learning traditional rhythm symbols in music and have enjoyed singing, creating, listening, and playing games in the music room.

In Second Grade, students learned about the music staff and the notes of the scale. We learned some memory tools to read the notes on the staff and had a great time playing many classroom instruments.

I have had a wonderful time teaching your students this year! I look forward to seeing the students who are returning and I will truly miss the students moving on from Woodland School. Have a safe and happy summer and keep singing!

~Mrs. Peirce

P.E. with Mr. A.

Hello Woodland Families!

Students in PE class have been learning about the power of teamwork and sportsmanship while participating in Team based games. They recently completed a unit with hula hoops where they built hula huts using 6 hula hoops and then played a Woodland favorite called “Castle Ball”! They also participated in another team game working on their bowling skills called “PinBall”.

Students also learned how to work together using a 30 foot parachute. Their favorite game is an activity called Popcorn where they use beach balls and yarn balls and try to make them pop off the parachute!

We also just wrapped up our whole school Field Day where students participated in 10 fun Field Day activities! The weather was perfect, and it was a terrific way to finish up the school year with individual and team based games! Thank you to all the volunteers and the PTO who helped make this Field Day a success! Have a great summer!

Thank you,

Mr. A

Digital Literacy with Mrs. Cole

It has been a pleasure to get to know and work with the students of Woodland this year. All students K-2 made great strides in our digital literacy program. The focus was on the Massachusetts Digital Literacy standards as well as the Common Sense Digital Citizenship curriculum. All grade levels completed the goals set forth for them using Code.org to practice coding and creating and debugging algorithms. In addition, students made great gains using desktops and keyboards in speed, accuracy, and key recognition and location.

I would like to encourage students to enjoy their summer days with a healthy balance of technology and unplugging enough to recharge their own “batteries” and enjoy other recreational activities. This is part of the “media balance” we have talked a lot about this year.

Connecting users with technology in a meaningful way has always been my passion and It has been an honor and a privilege to teach your children.

Have a wonderful summer!

Mrs. Cole

STEM with Mrs. Brown

Hello again Woodland families!

The last few months of the school year have been an exciting and busy time in STEM. We spent a lot of time working on our "Design Thinking Project" curriculum which encouraged students to think creatively about how to solve problems by imagining, designing, and creating new inventions. It was exciting to watch them come up with creative solutions to everyday problems!

Last month 2nd grade students participated in our very first Lego Building Competition. Students worked together in teams to build some truly amazing lego creations. The theme this year was "Spring" and they created butterflies, bees, rabbits, ponds, rainbows, flowers, and so much more! After the builds were completed, several from each class were picked to go on display in the cafeteria where the entire school voted for their favorite. I was pleased to announce that the winners were Elizabeth Fleming, Bridget Armstrong, and Tyler Mandfredi from Mrs. Hallett's class. Awards were also given for 2nd and 3rd place, as well as a "teamwork award" in each class. Congratulations to everyone!

We've spent the last few weeks focusing on scientific topics; learning all about seeds, plants, pollinators, ocean zones, coral reefs, and more. As always, I have been impressed by just how much your little scientists already know.

I have thoroughly enjoyed teaching STEM this year and I'm already looking forward to next year. Have a wonderful summer and keep exploring!

--Mrs. Brown

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