English and French Settlers

By: Kayleigh Wood and Megan Blanke


The Spanish and the French sailed for the English in late 1606 and landed in Virginia and founded the Jamestown Colony in 1607.


In 1620 the Pilgrims also established a colony in Massachusetts known as Plymouth. Pilgrims were a group of people from England who were persecuted for their religious beliefs. They came to America to find religious freedom.


In 1630 Puritans left England for the same reason as the Pilgrims. They also settled in Massachusetts but near the bay.

Samuel de Champlain

Champlain was a French explorer who founded New France and Quebec City in July of 1608.

French and Indian War

A fight between the colonies of New France and British America was over land. The British Colonies won some of the land from the French.

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