Dear Sehome Community,

I hope that each of you had a great first weekend of the fall season. I loved having the gorgeous sunshine on Saturday and the cloudier day on Sunday. I am thankful to live in such an incredible place and thankful to serve this community. Several times each day, I find myself filled with gratitude for the students who are working hard learning, creating, laughing. For the families who are dedicated to supporting their child and our community. They bring snacks, drop off and pick up their kids, communicate the needs of their kids, send emails of appreciation or feedback to our staff. I am also grateful to our staff members who continue to reinvent their instruction and curriculum to meet the needs of the students in front of them. They continue to collaborate and learn together to improve the outcomes for all students.

Know that I am thankful for each one of you and the part you play in our Sehome community. Let's make it a great week!

Sonia Cole



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1 – Ordering School Pictures

2 – Senior Meeting

3 – Sehome Learning Center

4 – Mariner Market

5 – Financial Aid Information

6 – Senior Photos

7 – Grads Ads

8 – Parking Permits

9 – WTA

10 – BSD Unified Fall Activities

11 – Volunteering

12 – BPS Hiring

13 – School Breakfast and Lunch

14 – Covid Q&A

15 – Sehome Points of Contact


Directions from Solis Images Photography for ordering school pictures:

1.) Via Solis Images Website

  • Visit
  • Click on, "Order Photos," in the right-hand corner
  • Input an access code (student ID number - see instructions below to get student ID number from Skylert) & your email address


  • Visit this link ( to go directly to Sehome High School on our website
  • Input an access code (student ID number from card or see instructions below to get ID number from Skylert) & your email address

2.) Via Your Student's Specific Card They Received on Picture Day

  • Scan the QR code or input the specific direct link at the bottom of the card
  • Input an email address

Please feel free to redirect any ordering questions to our website,, and to our support email at


sign into your skylert account.

click on Student Info on the left hand side

look for "Other ID" and that is the student ID number you enter for picture. If you have more than one student at SHS, you will need each student's ID number for their picture.


Seniors! Counselors will be hosting a Senior Meeting in the gym during anchor on Thursday September 30th.

They will be planning to go over final graduation requirements and pertinent information about FAFSA and scholarships.

Individual senior meetings are starting week and will continue into October.

Seniors can expect to receive a note in class or email from Mrs. Simpson about getting those set up

If you are not able to attend either meeting, please contact your counselor.


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12th Year Campaign! Financial Aid Information
Wednesday 9/29 5:30pm- 7:30pm Virtual

Register in advance

FAFSA/WASFA completion help session for BSD students and families

Sunday, October 10th 1:00pm- 3:00pm Virtual
Register in advance

Scholarships 101- where to find them- what to look for
Tuesday, October 12th 7:00pm- 7:45pm Virtual

Hosted by Martha Zender –Sehome High
Zoom link here Meeting ID 862 2435 4107
must log in with Student BSD ID and password

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Time to order your grad ads! This year all seniors get a quarter page in the yearbook for FREE. Grad ads are due Friday December 10th. Information about grad ads and how to place your order are included in the link (or by scanning the QR code) below. Please contact the Sehome yearbook staff with any questions at


Parking passes will be available beginning the second week of school. Stop by the ASB office and speak with Cathy Moran to get your application. While parking for students is free, we do require that all part-time and full-time students register their vehicles with the school.
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Adult volunteers are incredibly helpful to our schools and we are currently in need of additional volunteers. All volunteers need to be listed in our volunteer system and due to COVID-19, previously cleared volunteers will need to upload additional documentation and view additional training videos. Please go to ttps:// to complete or update your application and upload all necessary documents.

Contact Bellingham School District Volunteer Coordinator, Jennifer Gaer, with any questions: at

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Parents and guardians! Be a part of The Bellingham Promise in a new way…as a staff member! Bellingham Public Schools is hiring now for regular and substitute positions.

Current vacancies include paraeducators, office staff and bus drivers, as well as coaching and teaching positions. Most positions are on a school year schedule making this a perfect fit for your family.

Learn more about working for us at


Since the first menu of the school year was included in the back-to-school mailing, the Food Services program has been impacted severely by national supply chain issues in the food industry. To keep families updated on what will be served, a two-week menu will be maintained on the school menu webpage.

Reminder! All breakfast and lunch meals are provided at no cost to families in the 2021-22 school year thanks to a USDA ruling earlier this summer.
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Q: How do you do contact tracing? How will I know if my child is a close contact?

A: When we find out that someone with COVID was at school, we launch a thorough investigation to identify close contacts. This process often includes staff, school nurse, director of health services and COVID-19 safety team. You can see this chart for a definition of a close contact and how vaccination status impacts quarantine requirements.

If there was exposure, we do contact tracing, which is another way of saying we determine if there are close contacts. If there are close contacts, we prioritize communication with close contacts as quickly as possible. We work in partnership with our COVID safety team and the health department to determine and share exposure date, return date and resources.

After we have notified close contacts, we update the COVID dashboard on our website, which we update regularly. If we learn of multiple cases in a classroom over a short duration, we will communicate that. These cases may be coincidental and unrelated. If the health department determines transmission is occurring, we will work closely with them on next steps and communicate.

Please remember: if your child is a close contact, you will be notified. If you’re not notified but you see a case on the dashboard, you should assume your child was not a close contact.

And as always, keep masking, washing hands, keeping distance as able, watching for symptoms, etc. Vaccine and masks continue to be our most important mitigation tactics.

Our two primary goals for the 2021-22 school year are to maximize in-person instruction by keeping kids in school and to minimize the transmission of COVID-19 among students and staff and to their families and our broader community. Our best protections are the COVID-19 vaccine and masks.

Here is the current guidance that we will follow:

- Masks are required inside schools for everyone regardless of vaccination status.

- Masks are optional outside but recommended for crowded events.

- Physical distance should not be a barrier to in-person instruction. Our goal is to have a distance of 3 feet between students in the classroom.

- We will not be doing health attestations for students. We ask that everyone stay home when they are sick.

- We are hoping to expand testing access to every school.

- We will continue to do contact tracing.

- We will continue to focus on handwashing and sanitizing.


Sonia Cole, Principal:

Mike Couto, Assistant Principal: A - K

Bethany Barrett, Assistant Principal: L - Z

Colin Cushman, Athletics & Activities:

Amy Hjelt, Counselor A - D:

Jeff Smith, Counselor E-K:

Hana Schutz, Counselor L-Re:

John Vandermolen, Counselor Rh - Z:

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Families whose first language is not English can leave a message on our multi-language message line at 360-647-6816. Families dial 2 for Russian, dial 3 for Vietnamese, dial 4 for Punjabi or dial 5 for any other language (say name of language at beginning of message). Please call 360-676-6456 for Spanish.