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A Teacher Appreciation Week for the Ages

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!

Using Google Apps for Education for Remote Learning

As a Google Apps for Education school (GAFE) we have access to a variety of resources that are readily available and supported by our system. This newsletter will highlight various Google Chrome apps and tools as well as other resources that may be helpful to your teaching and learning. Feel free to contribute tech news and share in the "Peeking in a Remote Classroom" area to offer teachers a weekly insight to best practices online.


Is that APP approved? MSPA - Check here first!

Google Teach From Home

What's New This Week?

Google just rolled out the ability to start a Google Meet from your Gmail. You will now see the MEET link in your navigation menu. Here is how it works: Using Google Meet via Gmail

Three top tools for Remote Teaching and Learning


Check out how MARIA LASKARIS uses BOOK CREATOR with her students!

Book Creator assists teachers from all disciplines with student presentations. This tool allows students to easily demonstrate and share knowledge while highlighting skills and creativity through book design. This multimedia app allows input of text, drawings, images, narrations and videos. Completed books can be saved as ePub files and uploaded to Google Classroom, or published with a link that is available to share. In the end, students have a living document in a library that they can be proud of!

Maria Laskaris’ MS Spanish examples:

Do you have a "best practice" or something "techy" that you would like to share?

Send me an email with your "best practices" content so that I can add it to the "Peeking into a Remote Classroom" area of this newsletter. Or, maybe you have a tech idea, timely article or interesting website that you would like to share. Contributions are always welcome!

May 7, 2020