Boone Bluegrass & Barbecue Festival

Jam Out While You Chow Down

Theme: "Sweet and Sour BBQ"

Western style tomato based BBQ meets Eastern style vinegar based BBQ in a hybrid we like to call "sweet and sour".

Location, Date and Time

Location: "The Horn in the West Amphitheater"

Date: September 7-8, 2013

Time: Opening Ceremonies will be held on Septemeber 7 at 11:00. Festival will open each day at 9:00am and close each day at 10:00pm.


The people of Boone are excited about beginning an annual festival to help boost our local economy. This festival has a full schedule of entertainment, crafts, food, and much more! Please support our town by participating in our inaugural Bluegrass and Barbecue Festival.


All food served at the festival will be locally grown and raised by the farmers of Watauga County. The farmers providing the food include: Circle Y Cattle Farm, SIT Vegetable Farm, PQR Cattle Farm, and Griffin's Vegetables and More.


Come join us to hear the best of our local Bluegrass performers. Among these are: Jim Brown and The Bluegrass Five, Whistling Dixie and Sister Sally, Cat Head Biscuits and The Preserves. We will also be featuring the State Champion Cloggers and Square Dancers. Come for the BBQ, but stay for the music.


Along with BBQ and Bluegrass, our festival will showcase the beautiful crafts of local artists. These include Sandy's Stained Glass, Rod's Woodwork, Mandy's Mandolins, Barb's Leather works, Ted's Photography, Jocelyn's Quilts, and Pat's Pottery.


All food served at the festival will be locally grown and raised by the farmers of Watauga County. We guarantee that our meat, fruits, and vegetables are organic and pesticide free. At the Boone BBQ and Bluegrass Festival, you can taste the difference!

Facilities and Public Safety/Emergengies

Facilities Manger, Bob White, will provide all necessary equipment for entertainment and food preparation during festival. He will also provide restroom facilities, hand washing stations, and baby changing stations for festival goers.

Boone Chief of Police and the Watauga County Sheriff's Department will be in charge of public safety during the festival. Local fire departments and EMS will be working the festival. They ask that all posted rules be followed. To see these rules before festival date, please visit BPD's website