Cool Web 2.0 Tools

Inspired by PLP Lite


  • You can create lists to make it easier to filter, sort your feeds
  • You can also use TweetDeck to build a page that pulls in streams based on a particular hashtag--also has extensions for Chrome and Firefox


  • Digital storytelling tool
  • You can create a class, and it will generate usernames and passwords for the students
  • You can approve pieces before their published or not
  • Can be embedded
  • Now available on the iPad
  • Not sure if adding own pictures is possible

Scoop It

  • Sort of a social bookmarking site, but with a much prettier layout than most
  • A great way to curate resources
  • Other users can recommend sites to you too


  • create electronic posters/collages
  • but allows you to add links to relevant sites too, so it is much more interactive
  • can comment on each other's project
  • can add audio too


  • a virtual bulletin board
  • a way for students to connect outside the classroom
  • nice for brainstorming, sharing questions for a test review, collaborating on resources, categorization of information

Class Dojo

  • classroom management tool: allows you to track performance, grades, attendance, etc
  • students and parents could follow at home


  • easy video creator
  • can add text and pictures from your computer
  • students can create videos OR you can use this to flip the classroom

Go Animate

  • allows students to create animated videos
  • students chose from a variety of backgrounds, characters, props, etc.
  • students add text, and it adds computer-generated voice overs

  • Students can create their own info graphics using a variety of templates
  • Students have to provide the data


  • Use to create online texts!
  • Can share whole notebooks amongst several collaborators: groups can collect research; teachers can create unit plans together