Hitler's Rise to Power

The Holocaust

Hitler’s rise to power and the holocaust can be explained due to many reasons. The effects and impacts of the treaty of Versailles on the German Government and it’s people meant that a change was required to overcome or resolve this crisis. The propaganda and effective political strategies used by Hitler meant that his rise was seen as the only solution. Once Hitler had come to power, he had total rule over Germany. He then began a big campaign against the Jews in which he blamed for the problems of the Germany, and, by the time World War 2 had begun, Hitler wanted power and control over the World. He saw that the biggest problem to his dream was the Jews so he set up the Ghettos and concentration camps to go about his plan to destroy them. It is reported that he had killed six million Jews during World War 2.

Many historians believe that the Stock Market crash in 1929 had a very significant impact on Germany. The economy became bankrupt and people were starving so a change was the only way to go. There were many change of Governments in Germany which meant that there was no stability and people were looking for change. Also, Germany was hard hit by the Treaty of Versailles which meant that Germany had to repay back millions.

In 1933, Hitler and his Nazi party began their Political push for power. Hitler was ready to take power and control after many years of planning which also included time he had spent in imprisonment. In that year elections were held and his party began gaining support. Hitler began to slowly take a grip on power by telling people to boycott Jewish Doctors, Lawyers and shops. His Nazi party was implementing his strategy of destroying the Jewish connection. On 2 August, 1934, after the death of the German President Paul Von Hindenburg, Hitler took advantage of this and changed the constitution which meant that Hitler became "Führer and Chancellor." Finally, all power in Germany was united in his hands.

Hitler then went about in setting up the Ghettos in which he did this by placing all Jews in certain regions or areas and treated them harshly. These people did not have basic essentials like food, power or shelter. Many were shot for breaking the rules of the restrictions set or simply die of starvation.

His next and biggest mission were the concentrations camps that were set up where millions were killed by been gassed, shot or starved to death. The Nazi's were determined to destroy the Jewish race. They wanted to implement Hitler's policy as written in his book Mein Kempf.

In conclusion, Hitler's rise to power was seen as the most important event that had occurred in Modern history. Once he became leader which came about because of many factors such as the treaty of Versailles and it's impact, the Stock Market crash and the German economy going bankrupt, Hitler was seen as the only solution. There were many change of Governments and no stability. Hitler then went about to destroying the Jews and he did this by setting up the Ghettos and concentrations camps. The Jews were seen by Hitler as the problem to Germany.

By Kassem Maarbani 10 History 2