Longhorn Stampede

(For 4/6-4/9) Learn. Empower. Accept. Develop.

Quick Survey


This week your child's teacher will ask you to complete a simple 3 question survey on Communication, Student Workload, and Flexibility. We want to know if you: need more, need less, or if it is just right. Moving ahead with our remote learning plan, we want to be certain that we are working to meet everyone's needs the best way possible. If your child has more than one teacher, please fill it out for each LSE staff member that sends it. I appreciate your feedback as we work through this time together,

Thank you,

Catherine Bartlett


Habits at Home: Habit 6 - Seeking the Third Alternative

Once we agree to synergize, we can take it to a deeper level of “seeking third alternatives”. Our differences bring different strengths to problem solving and synergizing. When solving a problem, each write down a solution to the problem then share with others. Compare and combine those solutions to create a better solution incorporating everyone’s ideas. The more we synergize the better we are!

Lunchtime Check In / Facebook Live for April 6 - 9

We can't wait to see you at 11:30!

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Monday - 4th Grade Teachers

Tuesday - Helping Teachers

Wednesday - Helping Teachers

Thursday - PreK Teachers and Helpers

Nurse's Notes:

We have continued our best mostly eating healthy, exercising and sleeping adequately to keep our immune systems at the top of their game. We have 20 second hand washed or sanitized and socially distanced ourselves as well. These are the things we are doing to remain healthy and safe at home!

My MISD nurse friends shared some cool websites that maybe you have not have yet discovered.









Also, please check out my webpage on the LSE site under staff then curriculum /support for some more interesting info I have come across.

On a serious note, MISD nurses have been asked to share the message below:

Domestic Violence and abuse is rising, especially during this time as families may not feel safe presenting at a hospital or have knowledge of the 24 clinic at MCHD.

Should you or someone you know suspect or experience any type of abuse, please contact your local police department and/or Texas Forensic Nurse Examiners for forensic nursing services & advocacy. Children and Adults can be seen at MCHD 24 hour clinic 1300 South Loop 336 West, Conroe, 77304.

Texas Forensic Nurse Examiners 24 hour number 281-306-6893 option 1

Montgomery County Sheriffs Office 936-760-5800

Conroe Police Department 936-522-3200

Montgomery County Constable's Office 281-364-4211

Shenandoah Police Department 281-367-8952

I am available by email at monica.lemke@misd.org if you have any individual questions or concerns

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Lone Star Elementary Library and Technology Resources Names and Passwords

Please email any questions to tracie.sample@misd.org

Office 365 - This allows students to access Microsoft accounts such Outlook Email, Word, PowerPoint, Sway, One Drive and other Microsoft 365 applications. This resource can be accessed on the MISD webpage under Student Resources or Click Here.

Username: slunch#@student.misd.org

Password: lunch#grade

Example for 3rd grade student with lunch number 123456 (this is also student ID number):

Username: s123456@student.misd.org

Password: 1234563

The following resources can be accessed through the Resource tab on Mrs. Sample’s Library Webpage or Click Here.

Ebsco eBooks -

Username: misdlibrary

Password: learn19!

TexQuest - This includes Britannica School, Kids Infobits, National Geographic Kids, ProQuest SIRS Discover, Britannica Fundamentals, and Learn 360.

Username: j170903

Password: learn

PebbleGo – Database that covers a variety of research topics for PreK – 3rd grades. The main topics are animals, science, biographies, social studies, and dinosaurs. Games, videos and activities are included along with a listen option.

Username: montgom

Password: read

Benchmark Universe - ELA Textbook K-5

Username: slunch#

Password: mymisd

Example for a student with lunch number 123456 (this is also student ID number):

Username: s123456

Password: mymisd