All about boxers

by Sofia Marsalla


Do you want to learn more about boxers if you do you are in the right book? In this book you are going to learn about their habitat, food, behavior, and what they look like.


You can find boxers at pet shelters, parks, and on the streets if there lost. Some boxers like to stay indoors and some boxers stay outdoor because the owner doesn’t want the dog in the house.


Boxers are very good dogs but they can be very hyper,sometimes playful if there in a good mood. they're always there to protect their family even if boxers see a shadow they will bark.


What boxers mostly eat is dog food if they are very good they might get to have human food depending on the owner or get a treat.

what they look like

Boxers can be different colors they can be brown, black, white, tan, gray, and sometimes in the sun they look gold.

fun facts

Did you know that boxers were developed in Germany?

fun facts

Did you know boxers are very smart dogs?


Developed means to make something better.


Behavior means what something or someone is acting like.


Depending means you are depending on someone to do something for you.


Thank you for reading this book if you want to learn more about boxers go to this website to learn more about boxers.