The Bullseye

Oct. 17th- 23rd

Important Events


  • Book Fair Begins @ Normal Class Library Times
  • 6:30-7:30PM: PTA Meeting/Potluck Dinner- Cafeteria


  • Grades are due.
  • Students will bring in money from fundraiser.
  • 7:35-8:08: K-3 RTI Committee Meeting- Mrs. Mayer's Lab
  • 9:30-11:30AM: NAD Principal's Meeting: Mr. Howard is out of the building


  • 8:30-1:10PM: First Grade Field Trip


  • Report Cards go home (Vogel will send out a school-wide message to inform parents, schools had to choose either Wednesday or Friday)
  • Picture Day
  • 6-8PM: PTA Mother/Son Event- Gym

Citizenship Update: After feedback from several members, here's the plan:

Grade levels will organize 1st quarter and 4th quarter citizenship celebrations.

Vogel will organzie 2nd quarter and 3rd quarter citizenship celebrations.

Grade levels can use monies from their grade level accounts to help offset costs of celebrations. Grade level accounts should be funded by the end of October.

Discipline Data- Week of Oct. 11th - 14th (short week)

2 office referrals (Last week: 1)

7 ROCK Room referrals (Last week: 5)

14 Positive Contacts (Last week: 10)

Our goal is to have more positive "purple" contacts that ROCK room/office referrals.


Target #3 Walkthroughs- Develop a K-6, vertically aligned Literacy Framework with an emphasis on small group guided reading and literacy stations

Target #3 Walkthroughs will begin Oct. 24th and end Nov. 18th

Focus: Best Practices in guided reading and literacy stations

Mr. Watt's Positive Boys Group- Tuesdays @ 2:30PM- Please look over names and if you have any questions, please let me know.

Cole Powell

Dylan Ellard

Donnie Hutchison

Hugo Martinez

Jakob Dixon

Phillip Lewis

Zayden McKnight

Hayden Stewart-Hutchison

Elijah Landreth

Carlos Morales

Jacob Barnwell

Hugo Martinez

Justus Turner

Picture below describes my weeK!!!!! (Wild and Crazy) So glad to see 6th grade having FUN!!!

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"Purple P" Winners- UE Teachers can wear jeans on Monday with UE school colors. (Shirt does not have to be a UE shirt).

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