Peace like a River

Leif Enger

What would you do to bring someone you loved to justice?

"Peace like a River" is the tale of the Land's family. This suspenseful tale begins with a flashback to the shocking birth of our protagonist Reuben. This is where the reader is introduced to his father. Then flash forward eleven years to the present day. This is when we are introduced to Reuben's older brother Davy, and his younger sister Swede. When Davy's girlfriend, Dolly is jumped by two other boys Reuben's, father intervenes. When these two boys target Reuben's family they are killed by Davy. When Davy escapes from prison the day before his trial the Land family sets out to find the oldest of the three siblings.

"Real miracles bother people, like strange sudden pains unknowns in medical literature"(Enger 3).

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Awards/ praises

"Peace like a River" was given the book sense book of the year award for adult fiction.

"Enger humorously captures the romance of the dime-store Western; the frontier is still open here. . . . The spare, frozen landscape is warmed by both wise and foolish characters whose mythic adventures are depicted in rich, naturalistic detail."

——Time Out New York

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Author bio

Leif Enger the critically acclaimed author of titles such as "Comeback", "So Brave Young, and Handsome", and "Peace like a River" was born in 1961. he was born in Osakis, Minnesota.

Enger had one sibling by the name of Lin Enger. Enger attended college at Minnesota state University Moorehead. the first book of his that published was "Comeback" in 1990.

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