Dr. Josef Mengele

By Cameron, Zachary, Jesus, and Lilith

Who was Mengele?

Josef Mengele was a German physician for the Nazi's. March 16, 1911, Josef "The angel of death" Mengele, was born to Wallburga and Karl Menegele. In 1937 he joined Hitler and the Nazi's in the extermanation of the Jews. On February 7, 1979 Dr. Mengele died.

What Mengele did.

Mengele was known for his horrific experiments on twin, midgets, children, elders, and pregnant women. Some of his experiments included injecting chemicals into the eyes of the children to see if their eyes would change. Another experiment involved putting all his weight on the stomach of pregnant to see how long it would take for the women to miscarry her fetus. Also he secretly distributed poison in his victim's food and after he found out what happened he would shoot them with poison bullets. Disregarding all the harm he has caused, he's the reason we know what frost bite and hypothermia is.

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