The Me Project


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The Me of Today

First of all I want to tell you that I am a very new person to Canada. I enjoy reading story books. I also enjoy listening to music. I am a selfless and a risk-taking person. I want to learn the Canadian culture as fast as I can.

My Favourite Things

I like Math because i like to solve problems. My favourite colour is blue, because sky is blue. At night my favourite thing that I want to do is look at the sky, look at the moon and stars.when I look at the sky at night I just feel relax and feel happy.

My Schooling

I have attended 3 schools; two in India and two of them in Canada.The first school that I attended was a public senior named Shanan. I liked that school because I had a teacher who was very helpful and kind.she taught me art and she also taught me grade 7 Hindi. The next school I did went was Girls senior secondary school in India. this school is my favorite and I never ever can forget this school because in this school I met with a girl who became my best friend.she is so nice and I love her a lot. she miss me to.The next school that I attended is Sandalwood Hights secondary school. After came to Canada this was the first school that i attended this school is special because in this school I met with new friends,people and teachers. I had teachers who help me a lot in language.

My friends

The five ways to keep a friend are: be nice, kind, friendly,selfless and caring.

people in my life

My friend is very important to me in my life. We became friends in India. She is important in my life because she is the world`s best friend. She is my only friend but she takes care of me because she is older then me. She always knows what is good or not good for me. She is always help me with everything. Nobody can take her place in my life .

My future

I want to become a nurse because I like to help people. I plan to apply to the nursing program at Ryerson University.

Family Symbols