more holidays in schools

by:shayan matini

why should there be new hoildays in schools

  • not every student celebrate the holidays that we have in our school right now
  • not every person is christian but we only celebrate christian holidays
  • so other peaple feel left out

Dr. Kenny

.Dr.Kenny says that it is a fact that the people who celebrate all there religus holidays are much happier and less stressed than other people

  • 95 % of the people who celebrate there holidays are much happier in life and at school

try to help

there are muslims and there are also juish people in your school but we never had celebrated there holidays and thats why we dont know anything about there holidays

  • so if we have school on the days that we have our holiday we wont be able to celebrate it with our family.
  • and i ask you to write a letter to your princpal t please have more holidays that we have right now.

14.5 percent out of 100% percent say no.
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