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Carson Gary


I chose baseball because that's one of my favorite sports. Its very interesting because it goes fast when hit.

Job opportunity: I can play in the MLB, and be a coach for a team.

Koeniggseg Agera R

This is my favorite car. This car is interesting because it goes real fast.

Job Opportunity: test driver, take photos of the cars


I picked pizza because its my favorite food. Pizza is interesting because there is many of combinations.

I phone

I picked I Phone because thats my favorite phone i have had. Its interesting because you can do so many things.

Job opportunity: build the iPhones, and make my own cell phone company


I picked Stanford because i want to go there. Stanford is interesting because u can learn a lot of things at that school.

Job Opportunities: I can be a teachers, and be a coach for there sports team.

Mechanical pencil

I picked mechanical pencil because thats the type of pencil i use. Mechanical pencil is interesting because you us lead.

Hunger Games

I picked hunger games because thats my favorite movie. Hunger games is interesting because there is a lot suspense.

Mac Book Pro

I picked Mac Book Pro because that the computer i use. Mac Book Pro is interesting because you can do a lot of stuff on it.


I picked xbox because thats the gaming system i use. Xbox is interesting because you can talk to your friends.

Job opportunity: I can build the systems, and test them out


I picked math because math is my favorite subject. Math is interesting because u learn a lot of stuff from it.

Hot chocolate

I picked hot chocolate because its my favorite drink in the mornings.

Call of duty

I picked call of duty because its my favorite xbox game. Call of duty is interesting because its very fun.

Job opportunity: I can make my own video, and test out the games when they come out.