BHS Library Report

1st Quarter 2016 Report


The BHS Library's goal for the 2016-2017 is to jumpstart its transformation into a 21st century learning space.

To meet this goal, we'll focus on one area each quarter.

1st Quarter: Prepare the physical and virtual library space to accommodate and encourage traditional and 21st century learning activities and resources.

2nd Quarter: Promote new resources and services to our students.

3rd Quarter: Invite/Encourage students to participate in meaningful activities and programming with our new resources.

4th Quarter: Collaborate with classes and teachers to align 21st century learning activities and resources with instructional goals.

Preparing the Physical Library Space

We upgraded the Library website to a subscription Content Management Service specifically designed for libraries. While currently operational, one our Technology Interns (Nolan), is further enhancing it so that it will streamline with our circulation system and database subscriptions.
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Preparing the Makerspace

With the exception of the 3D printers, all items funded by the PTSO have been purchased for the Makerspace!

With the input from several knowledgeable students, we've opted to purchase 1 $200 printer, and one (approximately) $1200 printer, instead of one expensive printer.

Watch Donna plan out her robot's path with our new Ozobot.


Preparing for 1:1

For 1:1 schools, strong school library programs are critical for ensuring that students are information literate.

Libraries must advocate in new ways to ensure that we're reaching our students--not just in the Library, but wherever they are with their devices.

The BHS Library has implemented the following services, specifically designed to meet the needs of of a 1:1 school.

Personal Book Shopper

Library Concierge Services

Research/Assignment Guides