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I was looking for a reliable one way private charter.

Flying premium either on a commercial 300 passenger airbus or a private 25 seater luxury class airplane is a distinct feeling, a premium class feeling that only money can buy. Comparing a premium class airline service or air charter with economy class airbus is unjust. Rather what I would like to compare and discuss is the Premium class Air charter with First class seats on an Airbus.

What I was particularly interested in is the one way charter flights by the leading jet charter operating for US to Europe private jets, the Transexec. Now it would be unwise to compare the flights from them with economy class airbus but we can talk on comparing them with first class seats on commercial aircrafts.

The biggest deciding factor and game changer in this class of airplanes is:

1. Luxury.

2. Boarding.

3. Amenities or facilities.

4. Time.

If we talk about Luxury, the premium class seating in commercial airbuses offer great benefits for their cost, including cozy rotate able chairs, top quality food and your own entertainment system with lots of options. In case of Private charters, supposing you are travelling in a one way private charter flight, they will offer luxury options rivaling some of the five star hotels, a relaxing and rejuvenating SPA in the aircraft itself, soft sofas instead of seats, full size beds and the ability to move around in the aircraft.

Secondly the most frustrating part of any airbus airliner, the BOARDING usually three hours waiting time for International flights on commercial aircrafts, doesn’t matters if you are boarding into the first class or the economy class. For Private charters?

Supposing if you are taking a New York to London private jet, (that is an international flight btw) the pilots will ask you for your boarding passes (E-tickets) and your ID proof and the whole process takes not more than 25 minutes.

I don’t know about you but for me the Private jet services from Transexec wins every time hands down.

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