The Lord of the Rings

A story by J.R.R. Tolkien


The Lord of the Rings is an amazing trilogy. The main character is Frodo Baggins or the ring bearer. Frodo obtained the ring from Bilbo Baggins his uncle that adopted him when his parents had died. Bilbo gave it to him because he knew it had to be destroyed, so he went to Rivendell leaving Frodo with all his treasures. With the help of Gandalf he assembles a group of Hobbits to help him go to the Prancing Pony and their he will meet Gandalf again. After many struggles he makes it to Rivendell. Their they make a Fellowship to take the ring to Mordor to be destroyed. Along the Way Gandalf dies along with Boromir and the fellowship breaks. A dwarf, elf, and man go off to rescue 2 of the hobbits while Frodo and another hobbit named Sam go off on their way to Mordor. They find the 2 hobbits and help the lands of Rohan and Gondor to keep away the darkness and to distract the darkness from seeing Frodo so he can have a chance at destroying the ring. Will Frodo destroy the ring? Will he complete the task but die trying? Find out in the Lord of the Rings.


The setting of the Lord of the Rings is very important to the story because the story is about trying to save Middle- Earth, the setting. If the setting were to be different their wouldn't be a story. Many things make the setting interesting, like the fact that you have a bunch of lands put together to fight and stop the darkness like WWII a bunch of lands fighting to try to stop the Nazis.

Main Character: Frodo

In the Lord of the Rings the main character is a hobbit from the the shire named Frodo Baggins. Frodo is a very courageous character taking the ring to Mordor. He has black curly hair just like all the other hobbits. He is always looking to put others before him-self making the task a little easier because he knows that when he completes it he will have helped many of middle-earth.


The Lord of the Rings is an amazing story that can sum up that friendship, courage, and leadership can help you through hard times.

My Reaction

This is a great book for people who love a great adventure. It has a amazing plot with many conflicts that make the book better than it is. It also made me want to go out on my own adventure, I even got a replica sword from the movies. If you are a fan of the Hobbit then this will be a great book meeting up to the high expectations that the

Hobbit set.