By: Radiyah

What are they?

  • Cetaceans
  • Evolved from ancient land animals
  • They moved into the water to find new food and/or to get away from predators
  • "Basilosaurus" means "King Lizard"
  • More than 55 feet long

When did it exist and how did they differentiate it from other cetaceans?

  • Lived between 40 and 34 million years ago
  • Recognizable by their elongated serpent-like body
  • Basilosaurus had a variety of unusual features
  • They didn't have a melon organ
  • They were also probably not able to dive deep in the ocean
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Fossil Evidence and Its Discovery

  • First found in Louisiana
  • People used to make furniture out of the fossils
  • The fossils were finally examined by Doctor Richard Harlan, he believed that it was a reptilian creature
  • Later, Sir Richard Owen examined further and found that the cetacean is a mammal
  • Some cryptozoologists believe that there are other cetaceans like the basilosaurus living in the ocean today
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Lifestyle, Diet and Habit

  • Had a fully aquatic lifestyle
  • Lived in the oceans of North America, Africa and southern Asia
  • Fish an d squids

Reason For Its Extinction

  • Seas became dramatically colder
  • Basilosaurus was forced to dive deeper to hunt for food
  • They couldn't handle the strong ocean currents
  • Died off because of lack of adaption to the environmental changes
Sea Monsters - Basilosaurus