The Great Escape

By: Savannah Gibbs

The first day

Sobibor was imprisoned with over six hundred angry people, who want revenge and freedom. They knewthat they didn't do a thing to be sent to a death camp but for whatever reason they were. They worked day in and day out to save there own lives. They got fed up with being slaves and some women were done being used for there bodys,they were comfert women of the war.

How It all began

This all started October 10, 1943.When A train arrived full of people inside. The passengers inside the train cars were shot right when the squeaky blood red doors open. As a young boy age fifteen was cleaning out the bodies from the train he found a note in the dead man's pocket. It stated “ your camp will be liquidated on October 15, 1943”. Once the boy found the note and read it he ran to the meeting where a few men Hines Angle, Philip Biealwits, Tovie Blate, and and Leon Fieldhandler were planning the escape. He arrived where the men were meeting and handed them the note. They read the note and had an issue, they had to speed up the escape date to before the liquidation of the camp.

Introduction too the main characters

Almost free

The day of the escape came around on October 12, 1943. Then mid afternoon a train pulls in full of SS officers. They think they got the date wrong for the camp liquidation. They were going to have to cancel the escape till they found out why they were there. They sent spies to figure out why they were there. Hinds Angel was wondering if they got the liquidation wrong. Concerned they were too late to save themselves from death.

The plan is back on

Later that night they figured out they were there to drink and dance. So they sent out a message that the escape was back on for the next day. Once everyone knew they had to keep it a secret till the next day. That night after the message was passed late at night the leaders had a meeting to go over the plan one more time, then they left and went to bed. In the morning another meeting was held with all the people that were going to kill the SS officers.

Finally free

At around 4 they start killing officers. At the meeting hall, shoe place, clothing fittings and the office. After 1 hr they meet at 5 in front of the gates and all 11 officers came to there kill spot except the most scary one, Karl Frenzel. The escape had gone as planned and they began to the fence and chopped it down, the first 50 to get out ran through the minefield and died. Their bravery created a space for the rest. Over a two month time period two hundred escaped and one hundred survived the woods, twenty got caught in the woods, eighty made it to America. This is living proof it wasn’t impossible to have freedom but you must be willing to try.