Sexual Dysfunctions

Disorders of Sexual Interest/Desire & Arousal

Our Doctors and Therapists at Need More Clinic are here to help you!

Is your partner feeling frisky but you are never in the mood? Does thinking about sexual intercourse or fantasizing about sex rarely occur? Ever thought that maybe you are suffering from a Sexual Interest Disorder? Our Doctors and Therapists at Need More Clinic are here to help. We have a variety of tests, therapists, and doctors that specialize in helping you "get in the mood".
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What is a Sexual Dysfunction?

Sexual Desire can be displayed by an individuals sexual thoughts and fantasies, interest in initiating or participating in sexual activities, and being aware of sexual gestures from others.

When an individual is having difficulty responding to sex or any sort of sexual experience, they may have a sexual dysfunction disorder. To qualify for a diagnosis (depending on the type of disorder an individual is experiencing) they must be having difficulty with these sexual experiences frequently and more than just occasionally. These experiences must last for at least 6 months and happening most of the time throughout that period. If it is causing an individual distress and impairment and not due to a psychiatric issue, then a diagnosis can be drawn. These experiences must not be caused from medications or any other general health issues, including every day stress.

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For the Males...

Are you experiencing any of these? You may have Male Hypoactive Sexual Desire.

- Having little or no desire for sex

- No fantasies of sexual desire

- No interest in pornographic movies

- No interest in self-sexual activities

- Never initiate sex with others

- Never picks up on sexual gestures from others

Though it is rare, some men report never having interest in sex, whether it be with someone or alone.

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For the females...

Are you experiencing any of these? You may have Female Sexual Interest/Arousal Disorder.

- Absent or little interest in sex

- Absent sexual thoughts and fantasies

- Absent initiation of sex

- Absent response to sex from others

The difference between men and women is women do desire sex and enjoy it when it happens, whereas men do not.

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Possible causes of Sexual Dysfunctions...

If you have any of these... please report it to your doctor, it could be the reason you are suffering!


-Cardiovascular Disease

-Spinal Cord Injury

-Injury to the Autonomic Nervous System due to surgery or radiation

-Low levels of androgens and testosterone (men) estrogen (women)

-Vaginal dryness or irritation (women)

-Taking antihypertensive medications, antipsychotic medications, antidepressants, lithium, or tranquilizers

- Using recreational drugs such as marijuana, nicotine, or amphetamines

-Erectile Dysfunction (men)



Treatment Options available to you...

Here at Need More we understand that talking about your sex life is not the easiest thing to do, luckily we have well trained certified doctors that are here to listen, help, and keep you safe!

We will begin with a full medical examination and physical. We ask that you please keep a list of every medication you are currently taking to better understand your disorder. We will view your medical history to see if anything from your past has lead you to where you are now.

We have a number of doctors and therapists that are more than willing to talk to you about your issue. If you are having problems with one medical condition, it could be why you are suffering from a sexual dysfunction. We will work with your medications, and may start you on something new, pending the severity of your case. If need be, we will start you on a hormone therapy. We also have psychotherapy as well as sex therapy that you can work with our therapists, but partners are asked to help you as well.

Whatever you need, we are here for you!

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