Technology in 6th Grade

By: Harlie Ninneman

Typing Web

During typing web you have to finish the whole intermediate course. This website helps you learn how to use home row. I also helps you learn different typing skills like "Beginner", "Intermediate", and "Advanced." Also by the end of the semester you have have completed the "Intermediate Course."

Haiku Deck

Haiku Deck is a website/app where you can make presentations. You will have to make a Haiku Deck about your "Dream Job." you will have to present your Haiku Deck in front of your whole class. To find out more about your dream job you will use "Career Locker."

Career Locker

Mrs. Vanden Boogaard will come in for 5 class days to teach you about Career Locker. Career Locker has lots of fun ways for you to learn about collages and jobs for when you get older. It will show you jobs and collages all around the world.


Coding is a website where you learn how to create "Code." Before every Course in code a famous person tells you about what you are going to learn and do in that course. Code is hands on learning.

Explain Everything

Explain Everything is an app on your iPad where you can draw, type, and make figures. On Explain Everything you will have to do a math problem and solve it. You will need 2 or more slides with pictures and your voice tell us what you are doing.


You make a trailer on the app Imovie. You will have to create a trailer about anything you want it to be about. You will have to sign up when you want to share your Imovie in front of the class.