People of Earth



I will devote a year of my life to explore different places anywhere and draw random people i find interesting. why? because Art is the most beautiful thing on earth and it helps explore what different artist see, and i want to show my vision of everyday people.


i will start January 1 2015 because it's really simple to calculate and practice on random people by that time.


so far the only places i will be doing this at that i am certain of places around Kansas somewhat near me. If i happen to go to another state, or country (Mexico) that's simply a bonus.


Money is not really a big issue, $20 dollars worth of supplies (Sketchbooks, pencils etc.) however if i am driving to other places gas will be the biggest money setback but i have a job so whatever i'll make it work.


There are a few issues with what i will be doing, i don't think random people will be liked to be continuously looked at and/or taken snapshots of especially the subjects i will be focusing on. another issue is the right time and place, i can't just pull out my sketch journal or phone when doing certain things so sometimes i will simply have to remember people