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Plane Saftey

Flying in a plane is flying is one of the safest way of transport. Its 22 times safer than driving a car and your more likely to dye falling out of bed or struck by lightning. Recently 3 planes crashed but investigators try peice what happend so it does not happen again.
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Recently MH17 was shot down by Russian sepretests over east Ukraine. This might get you worring but theres only a 1 11 million chance of dying in a plane crash. People say airlines should not fly over warzones and are trying to make it a law. Some even suggest missile defence systems like missile warnings or chaff despensers.
All this might make you feel that flying is dangerous but its not just the piolets trying to make the journey safe but there are countless others assisting them. Some of them are the air traffic control who are making sure that planes take off and land safely and also make sure the plane is flying in the right air space. Airlines regularly check the planes and peforme maintenance to make sure the plane runs smoothly