CTS Snapshot


Welcome to our CTS Snapshot - a weekly celebration update. We are delighted to share with parents and carers alike student triumphs at Corby Technical School. We are proud of every student and every success they have - please feel free to share with us any achievements they might have.

Snapshot News:

Year 10 Drama students took part in a puppetry workshop. Students made puppets inspired by the Gyre and Gimble theatre company. They will be using these puppets to make scenes in forthcoming lessons.
Year 7 Pop Art:

Below are some fabulous creations from Year 7 this week, Mrs Firmin is super impressed.

Top Lesson Stars

Students receive lesson stars where a teacher feels a student has made an excellent contribution in their lesson. Some students receive multiple lesson stars across the week, below are the students who have received the most stars for each year group this week:

Year 7:

Kailyn 7TA, Ashton 7TA, Daniel 7SW, Tyler 7TA and Amy 7Ta.

Miss Buffini would like to give a special mention to the following students:

Seb, Mark and Jennifer (7ST), Declan (7TE), Layla, Mia, Hermione and Nikola (7TA) and Milly, Megan and Jamie (7CU).

Year 8:

Chijioke 8ST. Dylan 8ST, Stas 8CO, Roman 8CA, Rene 8CA and Urszula 8TA.

Year 9:

Ella 9SW, Julia 9TE, Jana 9CA and Dawa 9CA.

Year 10:

Kelly 10SW and Gus 10TA.

Year 11:

Adrian 11ST and Andrew 11TE.

Subject Highlights:


PE Stars of the week are:

Sean 7TE, Kenzie 8SW, Nikodem 9CO, Ianis 10CO and Ellie 11TE. Sports Science students Alex 10CA and Summer 11CA and Year 12 Sport and Physical Activity student Morgan.


Year 7:

Miss Jenkins would like to nominate William C (7ST) for extending and developing the work we have been doing in class. Well done to Billie and Logan (7TA) for showing perseverance in completing their chord progressions this week.

Year 8:

Miss Patrick would like to celebrate all of 8ST for their excellent drumming technique in their first lesson back in school. Extra special mentions to Kacper, Matthew and CJ for being brave and demonstrating flam technique to the class.

Year 9:

Miss Patrick would like to mention Cjay, Isla, Isabel, Myrtle, Lucas, Dylan and Isaac from 9TA and Jaasau, Seth, Cameron B, James, Clayton and Dawa from 9CA for brilliant contributions in the lessons this week. A special mention to Tanya in 9CA for mastering the off-beat strumming pattern


Mrs Sahota would like to nominate the following students from 8TA Spanish, Gretil, Nana, Dominic, Arina, Urszula, Liam ,Toby, Louisa, Greta, Lucy, Sandra, Antoni and Mary for their consistent good behaviour, focus and continued hard work in Spanish.


Ms Hallybone has nominated Year 10 Drama student Ryan C for fantastic homework about his initial ideas for their devised piece. Well done! Also nominated is Year 10 Brandon S for amazing engagement with Romeo and Juliet, consistently offering insightful answers, and being willing to read aloud during lessons.


Miss Bird would like to say well done to the following:

Harley (9ST) for his contribution in History.
Kent (9SW) for all you insightful comments and contributions to RSCS.
Ugne (7TA) continues to wow with her dedication to Geography and History.
Kian (8CO) has worked excellently this term in multiple lessons so a big well done to him!

Mrs Vaghadia has nominated 7SI for excellent pieces of Art, well done! Also nominated is Tyler (8TE) or his excellent effort and help in literacy booster, Evie and Jennifer (7ST) for their excellent contribution to the lesson and Year 10 Sociology students for working very hard and answering exam style questions to a high standard well done!


Mrs Brightwell has nominated the following students:

Year 12 students Morgan and Niamh for their hard work in Applied Science

Year 10 studnets AJ, Eddie, Sam, Hayden and Kelly for their hard work in Combined Science and Year 11 Separate Chemistry Students for their continued hard work in lessons.


Mrs Firmin been impressed with many students in Year 9 who have taken a mature and engaged attitude towards the class discussions about the Textile Industry and the impact it has on the environment. Special mention to Kent and Alfie.

Latest News:

Marcus Rashford has teamed up with the chef Tom Kerridge to promote healthy affordable home cooking. Its called ‘Full Time’ and each Sunday Morning on Instagram he is going to release a recipe with videos about how to make it. As a school we would like to get behind this and support it by inviting staff and students to send pictures of their creations and we will highlight these each week.

Below is the link to the full BBC news story.


Assembly Music:

Please click the link to see the assembly music for this week, which is based on the theme of ‘employability’.



  • Please ensure all students have face masks for use at school.