Elementary Technology Newsletter

April 2014

What is an Instructional technologist?

Ever wonder what an instructional technologist does? Read this article to find out how we can best help you.


Nearpod is a website that allows you to create (or browse the free library) lessons that are interactive for your students. This is a great way to use the COW when you have it in your room during lesson time. Nearpod helps you guide the students through a lesson and allows them to take a quiz so that you can monitor their understanding. Want to know more? Just ask!
Get engaged with Nearpod

How can I really integrate the technology??

Below this paragraph I have attached a link from a Kindergarten class project on baboons. There are so many ways to integrate technology into your daily lessons. This teacher had her Kindergarten students (yes, kids as young as Kinder can do this) record their thoughts and label the picture they drew. What a wonderful way to assess their understanding!

Did you Know?

Holding down alt + tab lets you scroll through the different windows you have open. This can be particularly helpful if you are trying to print in Edusmart and you cannot see the print window to enter your code.

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