Sport injuries

Injuries and prevention's


some of the most common sport injuries are, Sprains and strains, groin pulls, concussions, knee injuries, and dislocations. most of these can be prevented, but some happen because of a impact or hard falls


concussion happen very often in sport a concussion is a hard hit to the head or body in which shakes the brain. Also concussion can be caused by a hard fall. symptoms of a concussion are headache dizziness, loss of balance, drowsiness, etc. Ways to prevent this injury is to use the most updated equipment, and also use the right technique

Shin splint

a shin splint can happen to any athlete who is involved in heavy physical activity, such as a stop start sport. Shin splint is a pain in the inner side of your shin bone. Shin splints is repeated pounding on the bone, muscle, and joints, and the lower body can not repair it self. Ways you can prevent this injury is to give you body time to rest and stretch.
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Acl tear

A ACL also know as anterior cruciate ligament tear. This is caused by an impact or by a fast start and stop motion most common in the high demand sports such as football, basketball, and soccer. Stretching can lower chances of this happening, but a hard hit can still be a cause.
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Groin Pull

a groin pull is caused by to much stress on the muscles in the thigh. These are common in the high demand sports as well. Also sports that include lots of ruing
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in interviews with sport doctors, they say there is no way to not get a sport injury but, stretching, eating healthy, giving your body time to rest, using updated equipment, and proper techniques are the best way to prevent injuries.

After playing

Most athletes that have played sports have injuries after they retire